10- 12kV HDPE Modified Polyethylene Pin Insulator

Specifications:10-12kV HDPE Pin InsulatorCharacteristics:1.Unbreakable and light weight2.Easiest handing and transportation3.Water repelling surface4.Long service life5.Non-toxic,non-standing and recyclableIt\'s Hard Materials different from the silicone insulator.

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10-12kV HDPE Pin Insulator


1.Unbreakable and light weight
2.Easiest handing and transportation
3.Water repelling surface
4.Long service life
5.Non-toxic,non-standing and recyclable

It's Hard Materials different from the silicone insulator.

About the HDPE pin insulator:
HDPE pin insulator, 
Also called:Modified polyethylene insulator or High-Density polyethylene insulator.

It's has good heat resistance and cold resistance,good chemical stability,high rigidity and toughness, good mechanical strength,very good electrical performance,Especially high insulation dielectric strength;Can Substitute porcelain insulator & Can be recycled.It's a new material for transmission line.Mainly applied in electrical syetem of 15kv,25kv and 35kv etc..


10-12kV HDPE Modified Polyethylene Pin Insulator
10-12kV HDPE Modified Polyethylene Pin Insulator
10-12kV HDPE Modified Polyethylene Pin Insulator

HDPE Pin Insulator
Main Dimensions and Standard Particulars
Main Dimensions(mm)H273
Nominal Voltage(kV)15
Creepage Distance(mm)370
Minimun Flashover VoltageDry/kV105
Lighting Impulse withstand voltage(kV)95
Low-Ferequency Puncture Voltage Average Oil immersion(kV)160
Cantilever Failing Load(KN)3
Advantages of HDPE (Modified Plyethylene) pin insulator
· Excellent mechanical properties after made 1000 hours weather aging test at an independent laboratory.
· Hard materials, easy to change the shade size, can increase the creepage distance.
· Installation personnel can directly on it, easy up and down on it.
· Light weight for easy handing, the weight just have 35% compared with cermic and glass insulators,        comprehensive performance is better than silicone rubber insulators.
· Easy for transport, because the hard material resistance to squeeze.
· Easy for installation, it's can reduce manpower and material resources.
· Interchangeable with any other materials suspebsion insulators.
· Excellent for contaminated environments.
· recycling and reuse.
HDPE HDPE Modified Polyethylene Suspension Insulators

10-12kV HDPE Modified Polyethylene Pin Insulator

10-12kV HDPE Modified Polyethylene Pin Insulator
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10-12kV HDPE Modified Polyethylene Pin Insulator

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Jiangsu Jinsanli Power Equipment Industrial Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise of Jiangsu Province engaging in research, development, manufacture, processing and .Since its establishment, it has developed various rubber and plastic auxiliary products applicable to military, electrical engineering, smart power grids and hydraulic engineering fields. With excellent quality, products of the company are well received by various large and medium-sized enterprises. Technical personnel of the company has experience in taking refresher courses and learning manufacture and processing of rubber products in Japanese NOK company and has obtained technical grade certificates on rubber products manufacture and processing issued by Japan. The company mainly manufactures over 500KV super damping rubber spacer and HDPE(modified polyethylene) insulators. Besides, through matching up with products of hardware fittings manufacturers of power industry, products of the company are widely applied to key electric power construction projects of China. Based on its existing production scale, the company expands rapidly through introducing lots of advanced equipment, which makes its production capacity can satisfy demand of various large-sized power enterprises on rubber dampers used for 500KV to 1000KV extra-high voltage transmission lines. With continuous improvement of technology, the company has manufactured insulator products used for 10KV to 220KV transmission lines and power transformation engineering and meeting ANSI standard by using advanced polymer(hdpe) technology. What's more, the company constantly improves product quality through technology innovation to standardize, refine, process and scientize the company, so that to further research, develop and manufacture more high-quality and rational-price products to meet demand of domestic and foreign enterprises.

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