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2022-10-31 04:42:16 By : Ms. Polly Yan

Picture you upon my knee

And you for me alone. Tieguanyin Tea Buy

– Music by Vincent Youmans; Lyrics by Irving Caesar

Tea as a tonic for “joyous aging” is documented 300 years before the birth of Jesus of Nazareth when a Chinese army general wrote to his nephew asking him to send some “real tea” because the general was feeling old and depressed. However, the exquisite pleasure we find in a joy-giving cuppa was not known until the third century A.D.; prior to that time, the beverage was prepared as herbal medicine made with fresh green leaves gathered from wild tea trees.

According to Jane Pettigrew, a Londoner who has written four books about tea, “To match supply to an increasing demand and guarantee a regular crop, farmers began to cultivate tea bushes on their smallholdings, and a system of drying and processing was gradually developed.”

Pettigrew continued, “Tea’s popularity throughout China grew rapidly during the fourth and fifth centuries and hill plantations were established along the Yangtze River valley. Tea was presented as a gift to emperors, began to appear in taverns, wine stores, and noodle houses, and is recorded as having been used in barter trade with the Turkish people in A.D. 476.”

A fanciful story connects the origin of tea to Emperor Shen Nung resting under a tea tree with a cup of boiled, sanitized water when some leaves drift into the vessel and he finds the resulting brew to be a revitalizing joy. Confucius or some Chinese sage, says this is when SMILE-MAKING, SPELLBINDING tea is discovered for the world to treasure.

(Full Disclosure: In the most recent installment of this year-long, weekly series, “52 ODES TO JOY,” I wrote about “S.U.N.S. WINES,” and revealed “The JOYrontologist” will be hosting related wine-tastings beginning early in the quickly approaching new year. By pure chance, the day the “wines” article was published, I received a delightful invitation to be the speaker for a joyful group called “Young at Heart” at my local First Baptist Church next February. Even though I’ve been Episcopalian for many years, I grew up Southern Baptist and really didn’t want to schmooze the joys of wine with any group of charming, “Steel Magnolias.” So, I am thanking the ladies for inspiring me to launch an equally engaging exploration of freshly brewed, unfermented S.U.N.S. TEAS.)

S.U.N.S. (Smile-Making, Uniting, Neighboring, Spellbinding) is the acronym “The JOYrontologist” developed after 40 years researching and studying “joyous aging.” Keep these four, simple elements in mind as you enjoy a spot of tea and S.U.N.S. joys.

S.U.N.S. TEAS LIBRARY recommended by “The JOYrontologist” includes all of the classics mentioned by writer, Abhishek Dey, in an article titled “10 Best Teas for Anti-Aging, Great Skin and Reduced Wrinkles” at the website top10teas.com (April 2020). Here, as in a library, I’m cataloging the teas alphabetically and adding some notes including some shopping sources besides the many teas on Amazon.com or on your grocer’s shelves:

1) CHAMOMILE TEA is an ancient tonic for a calming effect, and also for detoxing. For those interested in having younger-looking skin, unsurprisingly there are many in my audience, check out the YouTube videos for applying chamomile tea bags under tired eyes and on dark circles as a restorative compress.

“The JOYrontologist” RECOMMENDS: Golden Chamomile Blossoms Tea which has a fruit nectar flavor blending apple and quince at Rishi-tea.com.

2) GINGER TEA which is made by chopping up bits of ginger root into boiling water has been valued by travelers for centuries because it soothes digestive issues and lessens the queasiness of “sea sickness.” Ginger tea also has a natural antihistamine which aids in relieving sinus congestion and allergic reactions.

“The JOYrontologist” RECOMMENDS: Decaf Lemon Ginger Slimmer Organic which balances green tea healthiness with spirit-lifting citrus at theteaspot.com.

3) GREEN TEA is my no. 1 choice because it is slightly more oxidized than white tea, thus is good for blood flow and brain function. Green tea has half the caffeine of black tea, so a lifelong insomniac like me can enjoy a mid-afternoon-ish cuppa as a gentle pick-me-up. Per the health and beauty writer, Abhishek Dey, “High in minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins, green tea is fantastic for reducing damage cause to the skin by UV rays.”

Encouraging studies by the Mayo Clinic and the University of Chicago Medical School report green tea contains a substance called EGCG which appears to kill prostate cancer cells in lab tests.

“The JOYrontologist” RECOMMENDS: Organic Darjeeling Green Tea with hand-picked leaves from deep in the rainy, mountainous region of Darjeeling, India. This is a loose tea, so you’ll need an infuser but the unique flavors of toasted rice and ripe squash will reward this wee bit of tea-brewing effort. Organic Darjeeling Green Tea is available at ThriveMarket.com.

4) HIBISCUS TEA is joy-giving even to the eyes with its garnet red color, and your nose and tastebuds will enjoy the fragrant tartness. This is one of the most popular, anti-aging teas and is easily found at your grocer. Hibiscus tea is enjoyed both hot and cold, year-round.

“The JOYrontologist” RECOMMENDS: U.S. Wellness Hibiscus Flowers which are whole petals with a tart, fruity taste. You can also use these delightful petals in salads and breakfast jams.

5) JASMINE TEA releases a lovely, calming floral scent like a garden in the American South on a summer evening. This tea protects red blood cells, bolsters the immune-system and may even help maintain healthier weight levels.

“The JOYrontologist” RECOMMENDS: Jasmine Green Tea with a fine blend of freshly plucked jasmine blossom and silky-smooth green tea at teasource.com.

6) MATCHA TEA is an intense, deep green color and may even help anti-aging more than “green tea.” Matcha helps fight bacterial and fungal infection and also detoxifies the skin.

“The JOYrontologist” RECOMMENDS: Matcha Green with Turmeric, a distinctive, earthy blend of Matcha, green tea and turmeric which lends a peppery finish. This is a great tea to give a gent who thinks tea-sipping is all about acting ladylike, pinkie-pointing and twee. You can certainly find sexier, boutique tea purveyors but a good “go to” for this winner is bigelowtea.com.

7) OOLONG TEA is known for strengthening bones, providing gum-health and preventing tooth decay—and, oh yeah, great flavor.

“The JOYrontologist” RECOMMENDS: Organic Plum Oolong Tea which teases the palate with the tart combination of hibiscus, Asian plum and rosehips with traditional Chinese oolong at arborteas.com.

8) PEPPERMINT TEA has been an American herbalist staple since colonial times. It settles the stomach and refreshes the appetite while enhancing digestion. The menthol in this tea encourages cell redevelopment and may help with hair loss and hormone imbalances.

“The JOYrontologist” RECOMMENDS: Harney and Sons Peppermint Herbal is described at their easy-to-navigate website as “Our marvelously brisk peppermint comes from Washington State and the leaves produce a wonderfully aromatic and crisp tasting tisane (herbal tea).” This classic edition for every tea library is at harney.com.

9) ROOIBOS TEA, known as “Red Bush,” comes from a bean plant in South Africa. It is low in caffeine and has a charming, nutty flavor. (Charming nutty is a good thing.) Flavonoids in rooibos fight unwanted pathogens to help with allergic reactions and fight eczema.

“The JOYrontologist” RECOMMENDS: Palais des Thes Tahitian Rooibos, a sophisticated, caffeine-free pairing of almond and vanilla flavors. This tea has been cultivated in the Cedarburg mountains of South Africa for the last 300 years and is available in the U.S. at us.palaisdesthes.com.

10) WHITE TEA is considered the “Champagne of teas” and has only a small amount of caffeine. Researchers consider white tea one of the best for anti-aging health benefits. Native tribes in South Africa rely on white tea for its high antioxidant level which lowers blood pressure and improves cholesterol levels for better heart health.

“The JOYrontologist” RECOMMENDS: Bai Hao Yin Zhen Silver Needle Tea which has a luxurious, delicate, sweet, slightly woodsy flavor. You’ll find this selection at tealyra.com and many other teas to explore and gift, both straight, one-plant teas and blended.

Now that we have our “tea library” wish list, perfect for many on your holiday gift list, let’s reflect on “S.U.N.S. joyous aging” with a creative brew for each of the four S.U.N.S. elements.

S.U.N.S. TEAS (Smile-Making)

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough nor a book long enough to suit me.”

S.U.N.S. TEAS (Uniting)

“Find yourself a cup of tea, the teapot is behind you. Now tell me about hundreds of things.”

– Saki from “The Complete Saki”


S.U.N.S. TEAS (Neighboring)

“In Britain, a cup of tea is the answer to every problem. Fallen off a bicycle? Nice cup of tea. Our house has been destroyed by a meteorite? Nice cup of tea and a biscuit. Your entire family has been eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex that has traveled through a space/time portal? Nice cup of tea and a piece of cake.”

S.U.N.S. TEA (Spellbinding)

“There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation.”


With your appetite teased for tea, you might enjoy someone else brewing you a cuppa and serving that with tasty scones and a slice of nostalgia. If so, I encourage even “armchair travelers” to explore “Six of the Best Vintage Tearooms” according to travel/culinary writer, Rhiannon Batten in British Home and Antiques Magazine (April 2021). Here are the tantalizing websites for each: LadyScarlettsTeaParlour.co.uk, MackintoshattheWillow.com, TheFourTeas.co.uk, TheVintageTeaRooms.co.uk, HiddenTreasure.biz and NorthernBelle.co.uk.


Three ladies are sitting in a café sipping tea, bragging about their great sons. Soon it becomes a contest to see who has the most impressive.

The first lady proudly declares, “We are Episcopalian and my son is a priest. When he walks into a room people call him ‘Father.’”

The second lady replies, “We are Catholic and my son happens to be a Bishop. When he walks into a room, people say, ‘My Grace.’”

The third lady with a smug smile says, “We’re Southern Baptist and my handsome, muscular son plays football in the SEC. When my son walks into a room, all the women say, “Oh, my God.”


Nov. 3—Dwight Yorke (soccer striker)


Each week, “The JOYrontologist” shares a recipe saluting a healthy food produced in America. This nutritious and delicious collection is called “The S.U.N.S. Longevity Cookbook” and highlights vitamin B-3 (niacin) which many gerontologists believe holds the promise for a long, healthy, joyful life.


926. Southernness Tea that I created with the Charleston Tea Plantation

927. “Defying Gravity” from the Broadway musical, “Wicked,” sung by Kristen Chenowith in solo concert

928. The positivity of motivation speaker, Zig Ziglar, at an annual meeting

929. Sun tea at the beach

930. Sweet tea at Aunt Cille’s so sugary you could stand a teaspoon

931. Tearooms in British railway stations

934. Clark’s Teaberry chewing gum

935. An indigo blue tea kettle during my “indigo Bendigo” period

936. “Elevensies” and other teatimes with my Anglophile mum

937. “Tea for Two” the song, the film, the experience

938. Making a teepee with quilts

939. A Japanese teahouse in a San Francisco garden

940. Serenity savored even more in maturity

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